Southern California’s LARGEST and HIGHEST client-rated and reviewed character source!

All of your favorite characters, celebrities, and artists breathing life into your next party.

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Need a way to breathe a bit of imagination into your child’s next get-together? With our high-end and extensively trained princesses, superheroes, adventure characters, fairies, magicians, and a whole lot more, we’ll turn any party into an endless well of entertainment!



Our collection of movie stars, famous characters, singers, and impersonators is here, ready to add a touch of hilarious familiarity and a polished performance at your next soiree. We’ve got icons from just about every decade standing by!



A little bit of flair and a unique touch go a long way when you’re putting together a memorable and fun corporate event. Connect your company with a one-of-a-kind experience featuring your favorite characters and stars.

Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime


Think back to your childhood: which birthday parties do you remember most vividly? Our guess is that they're the ones that absolutely made your dreams come true. Wishing Well Entertainment trades in dream fulfillment, bringing to life your wildest wishes, helping you create memories that live forever.

Go ahead: tell us your dreams. We'll bring them to life.

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We'll Do More Than Just Entertain

We understand that putting a party together is no easy feat, whether it's for a group of kids or for a large business event. Dedicated attention to quality and every detail of a performance is of utmost importance to us. 
Our cast of tireless performers will make sure your party runs as smoothly as possible, from storytime to group activities and more.