Our Hawaiian Princess and Troll Host are here, plus many more!

Introducing EIGHT new characters/themes debuting in April!


Hawaiian Princess

Troll (male)

Safari Gal

Circus Ringmaster 

Wizard Student (female)

Red Ranger

Paw Host

Scientist Theme (including experiments!)


New Characters Debuting in Spring 2017!

We hope you are all having a marvelous 2017 so far. We are very excited to introduce even more new characters to our lineup!

Easter Bunny

Green/Garden Fairy

Blue/Water Fairy (with lights!)

The Joker (villain)

Bubble Mermaid 

Witch Professor (inspired by Harry Potter)


We look forward to making even more dreams come true in 2017!

Wishing Well Entertainment




Our newest characters for Fall 2016!

Happy November! We are pleased to welcome several new characters to our consistently growing collection, debuting this fall. 

Spanish Princess (day dress AND gown versions now available)

Schoolbus Teacher

Pink Pony Girl/Equestrian Girl

Einsteins Artist/Teacher

Purple Witch (for Halloween-themes)

Stay tuned to our new blog for fun updates, party ideas, new characters, news stories, and lots more featuring Wishing Well Entertainment and Parties. Thank you for your continued support!