SoCal's Highest Rated Character Entertainment Source!


There are a lot of companies to choose from! Why choose Wishing Well?

We are very happy to answer this, and want you to feel confident in your choice!


1. We work extremely hard to maintain our very strict quality standards on all aspects of your event experience - from the moment you contact us, to the last "goodbye" at the end of your event. Our work and our clients mean a lot to us. We know and understand that these are once-in-a-lifetime moments for you, and it is important and humbling to us to be able to help with that. 

2. Because we keep very strict standards, we have continued to be a small and tightly-run business to ensure quality control. Our communication is very thorough and you will not be left worried or "hanging" before your event. We have never overbooked, never missed a party, and make sure you have ALL details needed for your party when you book. Even with just a few of us in the "fairy godmother headquarters", we answer each and every inquiry very quickly and efficiently - we have the fastest reply response time on Yelp, Facebook, etc. out of all companies in our area.  

3. We believe in utmost ETHICS and in the golden rule. We are saddened that many businesses do not put an emphasis on this, and it is so important. We fully value and respect the people we work with and meet, and trust that this shows in our work and with our longtime clientele and cast members. Due to word-of-mouth about our growing business, we were delighted to be asked to entertain at over 2500 events in just under 4 years of business (we officially opened our doors in 2012)! 

4. Our performers are professionally trained - and we mean it! - with extensive work background in theme parks, improv, special events, film and television, theater, child education, celebrity functions, and other areas essential to creating a successful event. We do not just put a person in a "costume", and we have the strictest hiring standards in our industry. 

5. In addition to only working with the most professional, responsible, multi-talented, and closest matches to the look/sound of the characters being portrayed, we look for performers that have one very important attribute: a kind and good heart. Yes, that may sound cheesy to some! But we feel it is very important, and believe that children can automatically see those qualities as well. That makes the experience all the more magical for them - and also gives YOU peace of mind. We believe this is an ingredient missing from many businesses - you must have talented performers, but they must also be truly good people, too. 

6. While some of our party activities are popular with other companies (i.e. facepainting, etc.) - we have original and unique party formats and customized activities for our characters as well. Our activities are themed to each character, and we strive to include high-quality activities (no old magic coloring books here!) that are thematic, professional, and unique in nature. For example, our princess characters do not do balloon twisting, but focus more on activities befitting of their theme and story (i.e. interactive storytelling, etc.). Our performers are also adept at working with both boys and girls of all ages, and activities are themed for ALL to enjoy. 

7. Even though we are small, we have the largest amount of activities to choose from for character parties, the largest amount of face characters to choose from (check out our extensive character list), and we actually are THE highest-rated and reviewed character entertainment source in Southern California (including Los Angeles and Orange Counties). And we have the links to prove it! :) Hop on over to our "Links" page to review our 5-star reviews and past client testimonials. 

8. We strive to maintain the highest quality/lowest pricing possible, and invite you to compare to other choices in our area. We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience a bit of magic in their life! :) 

9. To date, we have performed at over 4,000 events in under 6 years of business. We adapt to all kinds of parties: children's birthdays, company parties, business functions, baby showers, weddings, telegrams, grand openings, large community events, and much more. 

10. Most importantly? We have a strong passion for what we do! We have loved the power of magic and imagination since we were kids. We know it's a tough world out there, and innocence and fun are forgotten too easily. We understand how important it is to create and experience happiness and hold an event without stress or worry. We want you to be able to sit back and enjoy as you leave the party to us, and enjoy the memories for years to come. 


For additional questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page!