Complete List Of Characters (in alphabetical order)

Please note - we DO NOT carry mascot or fuzzy characters.
Our character list is current as of FALL 2017. 
Let our huge list of characters and themes help inspire your next event!
1930's Screen Siren (impersonator)
1950's Sockhop Girl
1950's Stars (Marilyn and Lucy)
Airplane Pilot (modern or vintage versions)
Alice In Wonderland
Arabian Princess
Archaeologist Hero
Army Guy
Basketball Player
Bathero Sidekick (Male)
Bathero Sidekick (Female)
Beauty Princess
Blue Fairy
Bride Of The Monster
Builder (Male)
Builder (Female)
Candy Princess
Cap'n Jack
Captain Hook
Captain USA
Chimney Sweep (dapper version)
Cinderella's Prince
Clown (female)
Cyndi (impersonator)
Dragon Trainer
Dread Pirate
The Doctor
Einstein Teacher (for Little Einstein theme)
Evil Fairy
Evil Queen
Fairy (teacup rose dress)
Fairy (ivory and pink dress)
Fairy (ivory and blue dress)
Fairy (green)
Fairy Queen (pink)
Fairy Queen (green)
Fairy Queen (yellow)
Fashionista Doll
Fashionista Princess
"First" Princess
"Fix-It" Guy
Football Player
Frog Princess
Galactic Dark Lord (must be booked with unmasked character)
Galactic Master
Galactic Princess
Galactic Queen
Galactic Rogue and Sidekick
Galactic Trooper (must be booked with unmasked character)
Galactic Villain (new - must be booked with unmasked character)
Generic Princess (pink gown)
Good Witch
Grace (inspired by "Annie" theme)
Green Fairy
Groucho (impersonator)
Halloween Witch
Hawaiian Princess
Hocus Pocus Sister
Holiday Elf
Ice Harvester
Ice Prince (Villain)
Ice Princess/Snow Queen
Key Master
Lantern Hero
Lucy (impersonator)
Mad Hatter
Mad Scientist (male)
Mad Scientist (female)
Maria (Musical Governess)
Marie Antoinette
Marilyn (impersonator)
Mary Poppins
Medieval Knight
Mermaid Prince
Mermaid Princess (aqua)
Mermaid Princess (pink)
Madonna (impersonator)
Mommie Dearest (impersonator)
Ninja (red)
Ninja (black)
Oz Princess
Perfect Nanny
Peter Pan
Pilot (vintage)
Pilot (modern)
Pink Doll
Pink Fairy
Pink Princess (generic)
Pirate Jake
Pirate King
Pirate Lad
Pirate Queen
Pixie Dust Keeper
Polynesian Demigod
Polynesian Princess
Pop Star
Pumpkin King
Rainbow Fairy
Ranger (blue)
Ranger (red)
Rapunzel's Prince
Safari Guide
Samurai Ranger
Santa Claus/Mrs Claus
School-bus Teacher
Scottish Princess
Sea Queen (ivory/blue gown with crown)
Sleeping Princess' Prince
Sleeping Princess (blue)
Sleeping Princess (pink)
Sleeping Princess' Wicked Fairy
Snow Queen/Ice Princess
Snow Princess' Prince (apple version)
Snow Princess (apple version)
Spanish Princess
Strawberry Girl
Sugarplum Fairy
Superhero (Classic)
Toy Cowboy
Toy Cowgirl
Train Conductor (female)
Train Conductor (male)
Troll (male)
Water Fairy
Wicked Witch
Wizard Professor (male or female)
Wizard Student (male or female)