The Holiday Party Packages

Looking to lend a bit of holiday magic and seasonal style to your next sweet little soiree? We're ready to help! Our themed Holiday Party Packages offer a variety of characters suited to a variety of different holidays: from Halloween to Christmas and everything in between!

We theme our character parties to the specific character of your choice in just about every way possible, with high-quality props, accessories...and always with a little bit of magic. We include as many activities as there's time for — no limits! (It's worth noting, of course, that certain performers specialize in certain specific activities.)

WEEKDAY PRICING begins at $170 for the first hour, $40 for each additional half hour

SANTA CLAUS pricing begins at $225 for the first hour, $40 for each additional half hour
*Santa's activities are limited, due to his busy schedule! His activities have a star next to them.
(There is NO discount for Santa Claus. Airfare from the North Pole can be expensive.)

Various details impact pricing, so we'll need all of your party's details to provide you with an exact price.
Please contact us through our Booking Page.

Activities for our Holiday Package include:

Personalized Meet & Greet*

Interactive Storytelling & Singalong (when applicable)*

We'll Provide the Themed Music*

Games — As Many as We Can Possibly Play!

Themed Magic Show

Character Lessons & Holiday Training*

Themed Cutouts & Coloring for the Kids to Design & Keep

Face/Cheek/Arm Painting

Holiday Boutique (Temporary Tattoos and a Bit of Makeup)

Autograph & Picture Time*


Pricing applies to most areas within Los Angeles County. 
Travel fees will apply for areas farther away (i.e. Orange, Ventura, San Bernadino, and farther counties). Travel to these areas is usually only offered on weekdays.
Each and every package can be specialized for children or grownups of any age!

Want more characters? Additional characters are discounted, starting at $140 for the first hour and $35 for each additional 1/2 hour!
All parties have a 1-hour minimum for booking.